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"Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and SoulRelax and Refresh with Our Cleansing Meditations"

Take a journey to inner peace and tranquility with Daisy Moon's Guided Cleansing Meditations. Enjoy a refreshing, calming experience with our guided meditations, designed to help you relax and clear your mind. Join us today and awaken your spirit!

Experience the power of cleansing meditation! Feel rejuvenated and restored, as you clear away the stresses of everyday life. Let us help you create a sense of peace and balance for a healthier, happier you.

"Welcome to Your Guided Meditation
Cleanse Your Home!"

  1. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space in your home where you won't be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths to relax and center yourself, and close your eyes.

  2. Visualize a bright white light surrounding you and your home. Imagine this light filling every room and every corner, pushing out any negative energies or entities that may be lurking.

  3. Envision a beam of white light streaming down from above, filling your home with positive and healing energy. Imagine this light flowing through each room, cleansing and purifying everything it touches.

  4. As you walk through your home, imagine that you are sweeping away any stagnant or negative energy with a broom made of light. Visualize the broom sweeping up any negative thoughts or emotions that may be lingering in the corners or on the surfaces of your home.

  5. As you continue to sweep, repeat the affirmation, "I release all negative energy and invite in positive energy and abundance."

  6. When you reach a room that feels particularly heavy or negative, pause for a moment and imagine a powerful vortex of energy forming in the center of the room. Visualize this vortex sucking up any negative energy or entities, leaving the room feeling light and clear.

  7. As you move through your home, take a moment to bless each room with positive energy and light. Visualize each room filling up with golden light, radiating warmth and joy.

  8. Finish by thanking your home for providing you with shelter and safety, and for being a place where you can rest and recharge. Envision your home glowing with light and positive energy, and affirm that it will continue to be a sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

  9. Take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes, feeling refreshed and renewed.


This guided meditation is designed to help you cleanse and purify the energies in your home, allowing you to release any negative or stagnant energy and invite in positive and abundant energy. The visualisation exercises and affirmations are meant to reinforce the idea that your home is a sacred space, and that you have the power to infuse it with positive energy and light.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Try This Home and Energy 

I release all negative energy,

and welcome in positivity.

With love and light, I cleanse this space,

and fill it with positive grace.

May this home be a sacred space,

filled with joy and love and grace.

May it be a haven of peace,

where all negativity may cease.


May this home be filled with light,

and all that is good and right.

I cleanse this space with love and care,

and fill it with positive energy everywhere."


You can repeat this chant as many times as you like, while focusing on the intention of cleansing your home and its energies. You may also choose to light a candle or burn some sage or incense as you chant, to enhance the cleansing and purifying energy in your home.

We hope you found our guide on how to cleanse your home with meditation inspiring and informative! Taking the time to create a sacred and harmonious living space can have a profound impact on your well-being and happiness.

By incorporating regular meditation and energy cleansing practices into your daily routine, you can create a more peaceful and relaxing environment that nurtures your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or simply want to create a more positive atmosphere, these techniques can help you achieve your goals.

Remember, there are many ways to infuse your home with positive energy and good vibes - from lighting candles to using essential oils to playing soothing music. The key is to find what works best for you and your unique living space.

We'd love to hear about your experiences with cleansing meditation and any tips or tricks you have for creating a more serene home. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on our social media pages - we always love hearing from our community!

Thank you for being a part of this journey to create a more peaceful and harmonious home. We wish you all the best as you continue to explore and deepen your practice of mindfulness, self-care, and positive energy.

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